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Library is having needful books of different Methodologies like CCM Physical Science CCM of Teaching Biological Science, Kannada Bhasha Bodane CCM of Teaching English, CCM of Teaching Social Science, Educational Psychology, Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education, School Management, Environmental Education, Population Education, Health Education, Physical Education Moral Education, Educational and National Concerns, Child Development, Education In Emerging Indian Society, Educational Administration, Educational Policy and Planning, Educational Technology, Technology in Teaching ,Dictionaries of different subjects, Educational Encyclopedias, Educational Journals, Books for TET and CET etc.

Reading Room

Reading Room is provided with sufficient number of journals, periodicals and news papers.

Computer lab

Computer lab consists of required number of computers for the ICT

Science lab

Science lab consists of the needful equipments/ apparatus, chemicals, specimens, etc required for physics, chemistry and biology practical

Psycho Lab

Psyco lab is made available with providing needfull apparatus, questionaires, verbal and non verbal tests of Intelligence, VIR, Projective tests, Performance test etc.

Cultural activities

Cultural Activities are organizing to the trainees to eliminate their inferiority complexes and to carry the culture desirably and to get the recreation harmoniously.

Education technology Lab

ET Lab is having the required apparatus such as OHP, Computer, Teli-Vision, DVD, Camera etc.

Multipurpose Hall

Multi Purpose Hall is available as per the norms and standards of NCTE with PAS.

Class Rooms

Sufficient number of class rooms are available for different methodology classes.

Common Halls

Common Halls are provided for common subjects classes of first year and second year BED classes.

Ladies Waiting Room

Ladies waiting room is available.

Staff Rooms

Staff Rooms are provided for the staff sufficiently.

Office Room

Office Room is provided separately for the convenient of the students.

Principal Chamber

Principal Chamber is made available separately.

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